what is a datalogger?

Dataloggers are small devices placed in streams in order to collect data pertaining to various measurements of the stream. The District collects the data from each of the 12 dataloggers placed throughout streams in Cambria, Somerset, and Clearfield counties.

 All of the dataloggers monitored by the District are Levelogger Jr. LTC Model 3001, manufactured by Solinst. The datalogger takes reading of water temperature, conductivity, and level. The 12 dataloggers are set up to take readings every 15 minutes. In one 24-hour day the datalogger takes 96 readings.  All the data is then downloaded to a laptop computer and saved in a Microsoft Excel file and distributed.

These measurements are important to various organizations interested in mornitoring the changes in temperature, conductivity, and level in a stream they are responsible for.

The dataloggers are incased in a special pipe that allows the devise to be completely submerged in water, and anchored securely in order to prevent the device from floating away. Each month a District employee goes into the field to retrieve the dataloggers, loads the data onto a computer, saves the data, and then returns the datalogger to begin collecting data once again.


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