Nutrient Management & Manure Management


What is nutrient management?

Nutrient management is the science and practice directed to link weather, crop, soil, and hydrologic factors with cultural, irrigation, and soil and water conservation practices to achieve optimal nutrient efficiency, crop yields, crop quality, and economic returns. This is all achieved while reducing off-site transportation of nutrients. Nutrient management plans can be for a concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO), concentrated animal operation (CAO), or a Volunteer Animal Operation  (VAO) operation. These plans are all based on animal numbers compared to acres available for manure applications. The VAO is available to anyone that has an operation under 2 AEU’s per acre but wants a plan to help manage their operation better.

What is manure management?

Manure management refers to the capture, storage, treatment, and utilization of animal manures in an environmentally sustainable manner. Manure can be retained in a variety of different holding facilities. Animal manure, also referred to as animal waste, can occur in a liquid, slurry, or solid form.

Proximity to streams, ponds, wells, and public drinking locations are considered when stacking or storing animal waste. The District can help with any issues with manure planning and management. These issues can be on your property or if you are being impacted by a nearby operation.


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