watershed FAQ’s 


Q: What is a watershed?

A:  A watershed is the area of land where all of the water (or snow) that falls in it then drains into a common outlet. A watershed is described an area of land that contains a common set of streams and rivers that drain into one larger body of water. Watersheds can be as small as a footprint or large enough to encompass several states.


Q: Do I live in a watershed?

A: Do you live in a watershed? Of course! We all do. Everything we do is within a watershed. From very small to very large, we all live in a watershed!


Q: What watersheds are in Cambria county?

A: Cambria county is made up of the Chesapeake Bay and Ohio River watersheds, each with smaller watersheds within them. The major watersheds in Cambria county are the West Branch of Susquehanna River, Chest Creek, Clearfield Creek, Little Conemaugh, and Blacklick Creek. These watersheds are made up of even more smaller subwatersheds. To learn more about this click here.

Q: What are the biggest threats to our waters?

A: In this area, abandon mine drainage is the biggest threat to our waters. Years of mining has led to years of problems for our waters. Contaminated waters flow from underground mines, and seep or pour into open waterways polluting them with iron, magnesium, and aluminum. Runoff from manure at farms is also a contributor to pollution in our waterways. To learn more about this click here.


Q: Are there any watershed organizations in our area?

A: Yes! There are several! Learn more by clicking on our watershed organization tab.

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