Chapter 105:

Dam Safety & waterway Management


In January 2019 the Cambria County Conservation District became the first conservation district in Pennsylvania to receive a Chapter 105 e-permit. For additional information regarding e-permitting please visit the following link:

The Cambria County Conservation District has a delegation agreement through the Department of Environmental Protection to review and acknowledge the permits below:

*Projects that do not meet the requirements of these General Permits must be reviewed and authorized by and through DEP.

Please visit the links below for additional and up to date information regarding the following permits:


permits & permit packages

GP-1: Fish Habitat Enhancement Structures:


GP-4: Intake and Outfall Structures:


 GP-7: Minor Road Crossings:

GP-2: Small Docks and Boat Launching Ramps:


GP-5: Utility Line Stream Crossings:


GP-8: Temporary Road Crossings:

GP-3: Bank Rehabilitation, Bank Protection and Gravel Bar Removal:


GP-6: Agricultural Crossings and Ramps:


GP-9: Agricultural Activates: