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What is PA One Stop?        

The PAOneStop farm mapping program is to allow farmers to build their own Ag Erosion & Sediment plans for their farms or rented ground that they manage. This is a very useful FREE tool to keep track of your agriculture operation anytime from your home computers. PAOneStop provides online tools to help farmers meet the regulatory requirements for Nutrient Management Planning. The online tools are used to extract data and generate maps that are required for the completion of Nutrient Management Plans.  The tool also assists farmers in developing plans (such as Ag E&S) to meet regulatory requirements, while reducing soil loss, and protecting water quality.

There is a need for a simple tool used by farmers to create farm planning maps easily and inexpensively. Regulations require farmers to develop Nutrient Management plans for manure transfers in order to protect water quality. Many times, mapping is a task that requires many features to be included, often resulting in challenges for the farmer.

 The Cambria County Conservation District holds workshops throughout the year to assist with learning how to utilize PAOneStop. The District can help you get started with mapping or any questions an individual may have.


What is PA Plants?

The Bureau of Plant Industry provides services to maintain and protect Pennsylvania agriculture through product regulation and consumer protection.  This includes the detection, identification, and the control of destructive plant pests. These can include diseases, insects, and weeds. The Bureau of Plan Industry site will also help anyone in need of CEC credits for herbicide or pesticide applicators licensing. 


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